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ANCAST Delivers Sound Stainless Steel Castings Every Time

From design to shipping, our staff is dedicated to delivering you sound castings. Whether it is for a small order utilizing a 250 pound furnace or large jobs run in 5000 pound heats, ANCAST pays attention to the details necessary to deliver on-spec castings.

A coupon from every heat is tested with a vacuum spectrometer prior to pouring to insure the alloy meets the chemical specification. ANCAST utilizes the latest computer software to measure and record this data and fully documents each heat.
In an area generally characterized by manual processes, ANCAST's finishing department is striving to update and mechanize the finishing process. We are constantly testing for better cut-off methods, abrasives and finishing techniques.

Ancast is a ISO 9001: 2008 Registered Stainless Steel Foundry
Stainless Steel Castings Made in the USA
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