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Stainless Steel Heat Treating

Ancast's Stainless Steel Castings -Heat Treat Capabilities  
Our Heat Treat Furnace has the capability of heating castings up to 2200° F and can either quench them using our water tanks or air cool them. We can also Temper your Stainless Steel Castings by quenching and re-heating them. All of this is done in-house saving you time and money. Our Customers are realizing the convenience of all of our in-house capabilities and Heat Treating is just one of many services we provide in-house. Call or email us today!
Ancast Stainless Steel Heat Treating
  • Heat treating up to 2200° F
  • Stainless Steel Tempering
  • Water Quenching
  • Air Cooling
  • Extra Large Capacity for large Castings
  • Capacity for Multiple Small Castings
Let our Heat Treat Experts Find Your Solution  
Searching for a certain hardness? Most customers are. And at Ancast our staff of heat treat professionals will work to find the correct balance to ensure your castings come out per specification. And with our in house hardness testing your Stainless Steel Castings can be checked right on the spot before they are shipped off to your facility, so you know they are right by the time you receive them in. Stainless Steel Casting Heat Treat  
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