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Stainless Steel Casting Mold

Stainless Steel Molds Ready to Pour

Quality and Repeatability Begin with Technology

At ANCAST, we build in quality and repeatability from the initial pattern layout through final casting inspection.
High quality molds are made quickly and easily on the automated IMF "Fast Loop"molding systems.
We incorporate the latest technology in our IMF "Fast Loop molding line with PLC controls. It gives us the ability to produce a wide range of molds each day with minimum labor.


Cost Saving and Environmental Conscious

Ancast utilizes a chemically bonded sand mold process and can create small line molds or very large floor molds for pours up to 5,000 lbs. Our mixer utilizes a "Smart Pump" system for consistent mold properties. Reclaimed sand is used judiciously to reduce cost and meet environmental demands without compromising surface finish or mold strength.

Large Stainless Steel Floor Mold

Small Stainless Steel Mold

Large or Small Molds, We Build Them at ANCAST!

Wether you are in the market for multiple run small line molds or a one time large pour, ANCAST can handle your molding and casting needs. We are flexible enough to accommodate jobs that you would normally have to send to several specialized foundry's. It's this unique flexibility that makes us the World's Largest Small Foundry!

Ancast has the capability to produce molds from patterns ranging up to 84" square.

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