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Ancast's Quality System is ISO 9001 Registered

As a leader in the casting of stainless steel products our quality management system is very important to us. We understand that our customers rely on our ability to produce quality castings on a consistent basis and as a company, through our ISO 9001:2008 certified quality system we strive to do exactly that. In 2010 Ancast management made a commitment to our company and our customers to implement a quality system that would set in place a foundation for Ancast to not only help us achieve a higher level of quality but to also allow us to reach a higher level of customer satisfaction. Ancast achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification in April of 2011 and is currently registered through ASR Registrars.

ISO 9001: 2008
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ISO 9001 Certificate

Continuous Improvement
At Ancast we understand that achieving ISO 9001:2008 certification is only the beginning. In order for us to compete in the global market we understand we have to continue to grow and improve our company. Our quality system lays the groundwork for us to continuously improve out products, processes, and service. And utilizing additional tools such as LEAN, 5S, Corrective and Preventive Action, Internal Audits and Quality Training we are constantly finding ways to improve our business and stay ahead of our competition. When looking for a source for your stainless steel castings rest assured that when looking at Ancast you are choosing a stainless steel foundry that is on the cutting edge of quality management and customer service and our stainless steel products are second to none.
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In Process Inspection

Calibrated Testing Equipment

Chemical Testing

Mechanical Testing

What This Means For Our Customers
Our certified QMS, continuous improvement philosophy coupled with our experience and technology makes us an easy choice when you are looking for a High Alloy Stainless Steel Foundry who's product is made right here in the USA. We take pride in our Stainless Steel Castings as well as our customer service. And in the event that a problem does arise, we at Ancast are well equipped to correct the problem in a timely manner. Whether its a problem with a pattern or a pour, at Ancast we pride ourselves on being a flexible, responsive foundry that can help our customers through issues with with a quickness that larger and overseas foundries simply cannot. Our quality system is built and managed with these principles in mind, and keeping these principles in mind is what keeps us ahead of other stainless steel foundries.
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