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Stainless Steel Casting Quoting
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Ancast is your stainless steel casting technology headquarters, and our quoting department can assist you in finding solutions to specific problems involving corrosive, hot, or abrasive applications. We will answer your questions about the unique properties of high alloys. Our quoting & engineering staff has the experience and expertise to understand your needs and are dedicated to ensuring we produce your part to the highest quality

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We are experts in High Alloy Stainless Steel Castings. Below are just some of our services that we can assist you with when you call today for a quote!
CAD Stainless Steel Alloys Stainless Steel Casting Pattern Stainless Steel Casting Mold
CAD Capabilities Alloys Pattern Design Molding
Stainless Steel Casting Core Stainless Steel Melting and Pouring at our Foundry Stainless Steel Casting Finishing Stainless Steel Casting Heat Treating
Core Production Melting Finishing Heat Treat
At Ancast we have full CAD capabilities including solid modeling and layouts. Our quoting department also works hand in hand with our metal experts and in house pattern shop to assist you with setting up and rigging of your patterns. If need be we can repair your current patterns or build you a new pattern new from the ground up per your specification. And your contact throughout this process will be our quoting department. We save you precious time by allowing you to work with one person on your project saving you legwork and headaches from dealing with multiple people throughout the quoting and design process. Our quoting staff are also engineers with extensive experience in High Alloy Stainless Steel, Sand Moldings and Pattern development. They can also set up any testing (in house or out sourced) and processing that you may need for your product. So that when your product arrives at your docks you can be sure that all of your needs are met when it comes to product requirements.
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