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Stainless Steel Casting Finishing
Raw Stainless Steel Casting Even the Best Raw Castings Need Expert Finishing
Stainless Steel Castings that are freshly broken out of their molds need work. No matter what type of foundry you run you need highly skilled people in positions to ensure that your casting after cutting, welding, grinding, heat treating and blasting come out looking exactly the way you expect them too. And at Ancast we have exactly that. Our skilled workers will ensure that all of the finishing that needs to be performed is performed at a high level of quality and integrity. We inspect for any possible defects and will perform repairs right on the spot all before the casting reaches the heat treat and blasting operations.
Finishing at it's Finest Finished Stainless Steel Casting
Stainless Steel Castings may go through a variety of finishing stations before they are ready to ship to you. With our trained experienced staff handling these operations you can be sure your casting will be handled with care. After finishing all of our castings receive a final inspection to check for part integrity and surface finish quality. We do this so you don't have to. Your product will arrive to you fully cast with a finely blasted surface ready for machining or any other processing intended for your product.
Our Finishing Processes

Stainless Steel Cutting Stainless Steel Casting Welding Stainless Steel Casting Grinding Your casting is in good hands with our professional finishing staff. Our welders, cutters and grinders have the experience and knowledge to bring your casting to life.
Cutting Welding Grinding  

Stainless Steel Casting Heat Treat Stainless Steel Casting Shot Blasting Stainless Steel Sand Blasting Ancast - The Worlds Largest Small Foundry
Heat Treat Shot Blasting Sand Blasting  
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Our Finishing Processes