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Stainless Steel Casting Pattern Services

Ancast - Pattern Services  
Our in-house pattern shop is capable of rigging, repairing, mounting and producing wood or plastic patterns. And storage & retrieval is a snap with our custom built pattern database. At Ancast we have the tools to build your Stainless Steel Casting Pattern the right way because we understand that a quality casting starts with a good sound pattern design. Call or email us today!
Stainless Steel Pattern Brand New Pattern Creation
Our skilled pattern shop employees can produce complex patterns from the ground up from your specifications. Patterns are made from high quality materials and prep aired and treated with non-stick paint for smooth mold creation.
Stainless Steel Pattern 2
Stainless Steel Mold Pattern Pattern Repair and Modification
If there is a problem with your pattern our in-house pattern shop can repair it. Whether it's a damaged pattern or a patterns that needs adjustments to create the casting that you require, our pattern shop can handle it. And if it happens to be a repair or modification that is beyond our capabilities we use several approved shops to complete the work for us .
Pattern Storage and Retrieval
Pattern Storage Pattern Storage
Ancast has the capability to store over 6,000 patterns. We can store patterns for our customers until used without the need to ship patterns back and fourth to our customers. Ancast currently utilizes 7 warehouses for patterns, all of them electronically tracked and monitored.
Pattern Retrieval Pattern Retrieval
Ancast utilizes a state of the art custom built computerized pattern tracking database to easily locate patterns when they are needed. This saves us time in searching for patterns and eliminates the possibility of patterns being lost.
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